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What Do You Mean There Is No Stove?!

Last week my friend Ben, from Toronto, came here for a visit. One evening we were sitting down for a beer at a pub, and we entered a conversation which was, in retrospective, quite predictable. Ben made Aliya a few … Continue reading

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Small Acknowledgments

We are using a few open-source projects at work. I discovered a few problems with one of them, and I emailed the author (surprisingly, some successful open-source projects have just one author). Following a couple of days of correspondence, he … Continue reading

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Nature’s Capital

A few nights ago I was at a bar with a friend, and over the course of the conversation I was able to explain something that was, until then, not completely coherent in my head. It must be the alcohol … Continue reading

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A bad Shopping Experience – Part 2

The story with my bicycle is not over yet. I finished the last post at the point where I already got the bicycles, but I haven’t assembled it yet. Before assembling it, I took the wheels to a gas station … Continue reading

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