Costa Rica

So last month we went to Costa Rica during Passover vacation.

For two weeks we took it slowly, enjoyed the Pura Vida, and traveled between national parks, forests and volcanoes.

We saw many animals, high up and down below, flying, jumping or just chillin’

Hiding under a leaf, or waiting silently in the nest.

The butterflies were colorful and friendly.

Overall it was a wonderful trip :)

Now you tell me, is that a real crab or a toys-r-us plastic look-alike?

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4 Responses to Costa Rica

  1. Jorge says:

    All of these are your pictures? That’s amazing –great place, and great photos!

  2. Yoni says:

    Yes, these are all ours. Costa Rica is indeed great, I already miss it.

  3. Yigal says:

    I like that picture of you at the top left corner…

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