Oh, The Arrogance!

I recently received an invitation to join a new social network – a private, Jewish-Israeli, invitation-only network. I don’t want to inadvertedly hurt anyone, so I won’t mention its name here.

The person who sent me the invitation knows the founder and entrepreneur behind this network, so you can say that I am two degrees away from the center.

So I signed in, and I discovered a useless website, basically another facebook-wannabe. What’s even worse, a couple of days later, I had in my inbox a welcome message from the founder. Here is a short quote from his first message:

Our goal is to develop this private community of leading Jewish prof’ who are just a bit better.

At that point, I stopped reading.

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2 Responses to Oh, The Arrogance!

  1. Jorge says:

    That’s so juicy that I wouldn’t have been able to stop reading.

  2. Yoni says:

    Well, “stopped reading” is more of a methaphore to my disgust, rather than an actual action.
    Being a leading Jewish professional (such as I am, of course), I read everything that is sent to me, even blog comments :)

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