Ideas at, Take 2

The first voting round at closed only a day or two after my previous post. The top three ideas in each category made in to the second round, which is going to close in a few days. So there is still hope, your vote counts, so please consider voting for your favorite ideas.

Of those ideas that I presented earlier, some didn’t make it, and some made it and are already in the top 10, so my lobbying for them isn’t all that necessary. End Corporate “PERSONHOOD”, though, is only at 13th place and needs about 800 more votes to make it to the top 10.

I am particularly fond of this idea, and I officially endorse it, so please consider voting for it. Or else … I know where you live :)

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2 Responses to Ideas at, Take 2

  1. Yigal says:

    Yoni, can you be more specific about what corporate personhood means and what you would like to change about it? For example, should corporations stop paying taxes?

  2. Yoni says:

    Hey Yigal,
    In a nutshell, corporations demand protection for rights belonging to persons – i.e., they use personhood for their defense. The problem is, corporations live forever, humans don’t.
    Also, corporations typically exert more impact on their surrounding than an individual. The legal status of Corporate personhood undermines this fact, but it shouldn’t.

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