Today is Halloween. My nephews will go trick-or-treating tonight. I am somewhat too old for that, so instead Tally and I went to two Halloween parties last night – one was at the NYU Law School, and the other was a city-wide party at the Mansion for law students from all across the city.

The Devil

I dressed up as the devil, and Tally as an angel. The costumes themselves were very low badget, as you can see. We bought them in Toronto, where we also carved pumpkins for Halloween. This is the first time I ever carved a pumpkin, and it was a lot of fun (Thanks Yoav and Denise!). Tally wrote about it as well, and also posted pictures.

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2 Responses to Halloween

  1. Jorge says:

    This is exactly the way you appear in my nightmares, trying to sell me a condo.

  2. Yoni says:

    Dude, I think I want you to rent that condo instead ;)

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