First Words From New York

So now that I’ve been living in New York for almost 2 months, it’s time to get back on track and try to put up some updates. Manhattan offers lots to do and see. Last week was quite eventul – I went to see Mama Mia (courtesy of NYU, where Tally is doing her post-doc now) and to a Knicks game with a friend.

In the first month here I didn’t have an established routine and it felt strange – I didn’t have both feet on the ground, so to speak. I didn’t always know where to go, what to do and where to get stuff. I run across many bloopers, starting with getting lost in the subway to walking all across 5th and 6th avenue trying to find a wifi spot, to paying for over-priced food, clothes and various household items, to eating at crappy restaurants and attending lousy comedy shows.

The lesson from it all is that you need to be well informed about the choices of various vendors and activities (Dining out being the most obvious). I suppose that is true everywhere, but I feel it in a more profound way in Manhattan, where there is an overload of information and an abundance of choices.

I also had to get used to working remotely. The challenges are both technical and psychological. On the technical side, it is remote debugging that proved to be the most difficult. Thanks to skype, communicating with co-workers and with my manager is a breeze. On the psychological side, I have to cope with working from home. It requires decipline, and it is an on-going process.

We also try to get out of the city. Since our arrival, we have traveled to Boston three times to visit the Agams and the Levanons, and went for a hike at Bear Mountain. Next week we are travelling to Toronto.

Here are a couple pictures from Charles River in Boston (click the pictures for larger view).

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