9 floors up

Today I helped Ben & Shiri move to a new place at Ramat Poleg. Their new apartment is nice and spacious, and has a great balcony with a fantastic view of the Mediterranean. Unfortunately, we ran into another “great” example of Israeli forward thinking at its best – the elevators in their new building were too small to fit a 3-persons sofa and a large futon base.

Yes, that’s right. There was no way to get standard furniture like a sofa into their apartment except for carrying it 9 floors up the stairs. We weren’t that desperate so we ended up shlepping it back to Shiri’s mom’s place. We did, however, carry the futon base up the stairs.

What I find astonishing about this is that the building is fairly new – it was built 9 years ago, so it should be pretty modern. I’d like to find the stupid architect who designed the building, merely 2 years before the millennium celebrations, and did not consider it important to facilitate the actual moving of stuff into the building. So if you know who is the architect of 22 Mordechai Gur, Ramat Poleg (I think that was the address), please let me know :)

What I’d like even more is to find the moron at Netanya’s city council that approved the building plans and kick his ass, or at least make him carry the sofa.

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