Desktop Cube Screenshots

I haven’t posted anything for quite a while. Lots of things accumulated on my to-write list, but meanwhile, I want to post a few pictures of my desktop. I recently upgraded my laptop to Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbons), and it comes with compiz working right out of the box.

Youtube hosts quite a few videos demonstrating the Desktop cube, wobbly windows and other 3D effects. I don’t have such a video, and now that I finally figured out how to take screenshots while rotating the cube, here they are. Clicking on the small photos will open the full-size photos from flickr in a new window (or you can just middle-click on them to open in a new tab if you are using firefox or ie7).

Here is the first picture, showing the desktop rotated between two workspaces.

This picture demonstrates the cube’s transparency feature, and the famous gears inside. Notice that you can see the youtube video inverted from behind (it continues to play during rotation).

Just for fun, I replaced the cube cap with one of Yuval’s painting instead of the compiz default one.

This one here shows that compiz can easily handle a dual-monitor configuration, which I use at work.

Here is the one-big-cube display for dual-monitor, instead of multiple cubes.

Next there is the issue of the applications switcher (the one that kicks-in when you press Alt+Tab). Compiz can do much better than the mundane list of applications titles. Here is the ring switcher.

Here is the shift switcher. It is very similar to what Windows Vista offers (one of its highlights, as far as I know). I am not sure which one came first – perhaps they both copied the design from Apple.

There are lots of other effects to show, but I think it is much better to try on your own. So next time that you want some cool graphics, forget about Vista. Get Ubuntu live CD and try it out.

By the way, the background picture behind the cube – called the skydome – is of Avalanche Peak, New Zealand. It’s a wonderful place, I high recommend that you visit it if you happen to travel in NZ south island :)

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