Busy Days

In the past few months I was contacted by two people, from Toronto, who wanted my advice on whether they should make Aliya (move to Israel) or not. I don’t know them personally; they both received my contact info from a mutual friend, and they both work in hitech.

I told both of them that the hitech market is booming now. I made this observation based on my experience 5 months ago when I was looking for a job. However, I can not give advice to anyone about big decisions such as making Aliya. At its core, this is a very intimate and personal decision.

Why do I mention this? because I think that right now the hitech market in Israel is even hotter than it was 6 months ago. The newspapers are full with articles about “The return of the bubble” (there are also articles like “Beware, the bubble is going to crash next year”, but hey, at least they are acknowledging that there is a bubble ;) ).

A few weeks ago I decided to look for a new job. I am not happy at my current place. There are a few reasons for this, but I am not going to describe them here. At least not yet ;)
(I know it would be very much along the spirit of the modern, haphazard, twitter-style blogosphere to rant on you boss and take all the crap out on your company, but I’d rather keep my ethical integrity in one piece)

Last week I gave notice at work that I am leaving. I few days before that I already contacted a couple of placement company and gave them my resume. Ever since then, the phone doesn’t stop ringing. So far I was contacted by 14 companies, and there would be more calling, had I not told them to stop the flood.
(By the way, two great Israeli placement companies that specialize in hitech are Nisha and JobInfo)

Please let me emphasize that I am not bragging about my resume. I was contacted by many companies not because I am special (I am not), and not because I have a great resume (I don’t). I know other people in the field who’ve had exactly the same experience when they were looking for work. There is simply a shortage of good hitech employees right now. It’s the simple math of supply and demand.

Scheduling interviews with so many companies is a tiring process, and it is even more tiring when you are trying to do it behind your manager’s back. That’s why I decided very quickly to give notice at work, despite the fact that I haven’t signed a new contract yet. I simply couldn’t manage my schedule this way.

Most companies try to have a recruitment process which involves three interviews. First there is the technical interview, typically with your would-be manager. Then there is an interview with the development senior manager, and then with an HR person. Some companies even have a forth interview, in which you need to do GMAT/GRE-style tests. Small start-up companies usually skip the third phase, and virtually all companies try to merge two of the interviews (or all of them) into the same meeting, so you can save time by visiting the company only once. They want to finish the process quickly and give you an offer asap, otherwise they’ll lose you to other, faster companies.

As I said, it is a tiring process, both physically and mentally. Since I am still working, I can have the interviews only in the mornings or evenings. I scheduled 2 interviews for almost everyday, but I just had to take an evening off every few days because I was exhausted. I am also quite tense at work, because it is awkward being there after I announced that I am leaving.

Anyways, all this is just an excuse to explain why I haven’t been writing on the blog lately. On top of that, my computer died a few days ago, and I haven’t been able to revive it yet. I have a bunch of bookmarks and a draft ready for a follow-up on my Nature’s Capital post, but I guess they’ll have to remain lost for a little while longer.

To make a short story long, looking for a job is in itself a full time job … and, if you are working in hitech, and you are thinking of making Aliya – well, what are you waiting for? We need you here (last link in English).

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3 Responses to Busy Days

  1. Ze'ev says:

    Hey Yoni,
    You ARE special;
    your c.v., I’m sure, is great.
    Hope you find something more commensurate quickly.
    Rose and I are to visit israel this April-May. Hope to see you if you’re around.

  2. Yigal says:

    Nice post! Hope things are working out…

  3. Yoni says:

    Hey Ze’ev,

    Thanks for the compliments; it reminds me of the saying “you are unique, just like everyone else” ;)

    I’ll be here around April-May. It would be great to see you and Rose.

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