A Bad Shopping Experience

Since I live very close to where I work, a few weeks ago I decided to buy bicycles, and I decided to buy them online. I used a shopping portal called getit, which sold me the bicycles from a supplier in Yavne, near Tel Aviv.

They promised delivery within 14 business days. After about 10 days I begun to worry (other things that I bought online here in Israel, like a washing machine, arrived within 48 hours, so why is this so different?). So I called the supplier, and discovered that it is almost impossible to get a hold of him. First of all, he rarely answers the phone. Second, his voice-mail prompt is as follows (emphasis mine):

“Hello. Service is given between 10 am and 3 pm. Please do not leave a message.”

WTF? When I eventually got a hold of him, he said the package will arrive by Sunday. He was not very nice, and clearly he didn’t consider customer service to be part of his job.
(I later discovered that he doesn’t really own a bicycle/sporting store. He is literally just a supplier, and considers himself to be working with getit, not with me)

On Monday, after the package didn’t arrive, I called getit to cancel the order. They were very nice indeed. They said I need to talk to the supplier to cancel the order. When I pointed out that I can’t get a hold of him, they said they’ll call him and tell him to call me.

Eventually I didn’t cancel, and the package arrived on Wednesday. The delivery company, Aviv Shiloach, forced me to be at home between 2 pm to 4 pm. I asked for an evening delivery, given that I am working during the day, but no, they can’t do that. So I asked, given that my work is near by, that the delivery guy calls me 15 minutes before he arrives. Nope, they can’t do that either, because he doesn’t have a cell phone, just a Mirs device. WTF? who ever heard of such a lame delivery company?

Anyways, I got the Bikes, and they are pretty nice. The description on getit says that they are shipped 95% assembled – all you need to do is attach the handlebar and the front wheel, and you are good to go (actually, good to ride).

Well, that’s not exactly true … you need a #6 Allen screw driver to attach the handlebar, and I didn’t have one with me. Even if I did, the tires were shipped flat – without air – so you need to pump them up, and I didn’t have a pump with me either :(

To getit’s credit, I should mention that they called me for a follow-up on my complaint, and I told them that they shouldn’t work with that supplier. I hope for other future buyers that they’ll take my advice.

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One Response to A Bad Shopping Experience

  1. Yigal says:

    Hi Yoni,

    At least you got it eventually… Listen, I rode the same way every day for two years. Be VERY careful of cars backing out of parking lots and when crossing the Ayalon interchange!


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