An Air Canada Fiasco

I chose to start this blog with a story that happened in Toronto a few weeks ago.

My dad travelled from Israel to Toronto, with a short stop in Boston to visit my brother and his family. After he landed in Toronto, he was shocked to discover, together with the rest of the passengers from Boston, that Air Canada’s crew forgot to load their luggages on the plane. I don’t mean one or two suitcases here and there, I mean the entire cargo, of all the passengers.

Now, this is something I have never heard of before. Imagine 200 or so passengers, tired and grumpy, waiting for their luggages that never arrive. I feel sorry for the poor guy that had to announce the mistake to them. Talk about “don’t shoot the messenger”.

Another image that comes to my mind is that of the ground crew in Toronto. Imagine the expression of surprise on their faces, when they opened the plane’s cargo compartment, and discovered that it is empty.

The above image is most likely unrealistic. Why? I suppose that the mistake was already discovered in Boston, while the plane was in the air, so by the time it landed, the ground crew already knew what to expect (or not to expect :) ).

I don’t know if this story made it to the local news in Toronto. I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t, as Air Canada has an interest in hiding it; Not only because this is a stupid and lame mistake. What if it wasn’t a mistake at all? What if the problem (whatever it may be) was discovered in Boston before the plane took off? Could it have been a conscious decision made by the ground crew in Boston to let the plane leave without the cargo? And if so, can we sue them for millions?

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3 Responses to An Air Canada Fiasco

  1. Valery says:

    Well, well, first of all congratulations on finding a permanent dwelling and on cloning yourself an online identity.
    The sad thing about Air Canada is that this story is not that amazing – there are tons more of them… And no, I don’t think you could sue them, unless they never got the luggage (which I’m sure they did eventually) and didn’t provide any compensation.

  2. Yoni says:

    Yeah, well, I never did mean to sue them, but it’s a fun idea to play with. It’s true that it’s not their first, nor last, error. A few years ago my dad was so mad at them that he reached their ombudsman during his attempt to complain, but even that didn’t help much.
    What I find amazing in this story is the scale of the error – the fact that it affects an entire group of people at once, not just a single passenger.

  3. Derek says:

    Sorry, but you are so mistaken. Air Canada does not have flights from Israel to Toronto via Boston, nor have they ever had such flights. AC does not have the legal permission to carry passengers from Israel to the US.

    What happened in this case, is that the US airline that flew the TLV-BOS portion arrived too late in Boston, and the AC flight left on time, without the bags being delivered to them from the US airline. Sorry, this was not AC’s fault by any stretch. I suppose you would have preferred AC delayed their flight to wait for the bags? I can guarantee that AC’s passengers traveling from BOS to YYZ would have had a problem!

    Please take the time to ensure your story is factually correct. This is why your so-called “fiasco” did not appear in papers – it was factually incorrect.

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